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Driver's Education Rules and Requirements

Basic Minimum Course Requirements

These are the basic minimum course requirements for our driver's education program:

  • Students must satisfactorily complete all written work and readings associated with the classroom instruction portion of the program, including tests (whether written or verbal).
  • Students must also successfully complete a driving portion of the course, which includes satisfactorily demonstrating a working knowledge of the skills, rules, and regulations related to driving on a public thoroughfare.

Dress Code

The dress code that will be observed at all times for our driver's education program is as follows:

  • Students shall dress appropriately for education activities and for the weather so as not to endanger their health, safety, or welfare, or that of others, or cause a disruption to the educational process.
  • Students shall wear shoes at all times with sufficient leather or foot cloth covering to allow the foot to fit snugly. No rubber thongs or flip-flops are acceptable.
  • Any clothing, jewelry, or accessories which create a safety or health concern, or cause or threaten to cause a disruption to the educational process are prohibited.
  • Dark glasses shall not be worn indoors, except for valid medical reasons authorized by the administration and verified in writing by a physician.

School Rules

These are the school rules that will be adhered to at all times:

  • Undesirable behavior (including but not limited to disorderly conduct, profanity, or obscene language or gestures) will not be tolerated during training hours or on the premises of Semi Academy. These premises will include classrooms, equipment, and range or road facilities. The aforementioned behavior will be grounds for disciplinary action or immediate dismissal from training.
  • No running, loud voices, or "horseplay" in the building, in the equipment, on the range, or on the road.
  • Cell phones, pagers, and similar devices must be turned off during instruction.
  • Theft from any person or company or the use of any illegal drugs or alcohol at any time while enrolled will be grounds for automatic dismissal.

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